Milos: A Journey (Trailer)


Debbie has spent the last few months making a 30 minute film commissioned by Deutsche Grammophon about Milos Karadaglic, a classical guitarist who has established himself as one of today's most gifted young guitar virtuosos. With a small crew she travelled around and filmed in Montenegro where Milos was born and grew up, and London where he now lives. The film is a portrait of the young musician and his journey, exploring his life and memories, alongside some exquisite performances to camera.

Director Debbie Anzalone
Editor Brand Thumim
Director of Photography Neil Harvey
Executive Producer Ursula Macfarlane
Producer Jane Nicholson
Sound Design Andy Cowton
Sound Recordist Simon Parmenter
Produced through Century Films
Produced for Decca Records and Deutsche Grammophon for Artist Milos Karadaglic